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bound in a nutshell

sam, in brief
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There's really no need for this at all, especially considering there's already tww100. However, as I am a big advocate of unnecessary things, here we go.

1. Challenges will be posted on Wednesday nights, and will stay open for a week.

2. Responses must be about the West Wing's Sam Seaborn. (As opposed to Jane Austen's Sam Seaborn, you understand.)

3. Responses must be one hundred words exactly.

4. If your story is rated R or above, or if it contains explicit spoilers, please use the cut-tag, and label it clearly in your post.

5. If you're posting more than one drabble at a time, again with the cut-tag.

6. Everything posted here must be in response to the week's challenge. Do not post longer stories, advertisements for longer stories, or drabbles from another challenge.

7. Behave yourselves. Anyone who doesn't follow the rules can be smacked down by anyone who abides by them. Pleasantly smacked down, that is. Because we're all that's left, and we're going to get along, goddamnit.

8. If you have questions about how things work, or suggestions for future challenges, please e me, not the community.